What Art Does

What art does is to coax us away from the mechanical and towards the miraculous. The so-called uselessness of art is a clue to its transforming power. Art is not part of the machine. Art asks us to think differently, see differently, hear differently, and ultimately to act differently, which is why art has moralContinue reading “What Art Does”

BC Buds Spring Arts Fair 2013

We are excited to anounce that we will be part of the BC Buds Spring Arts Fair 2013 at the Firehall Arts Centre! We will be presenting Elinor and Marianne, inspired by the contrasting heroines in Jane Austenʼs classic novel Sense and Sensibility, this will be an imagining of what the Dashwood sisters may have encounteredContinue reading “BC Buds Spring Arts Fair 2013”

Please don’t make me write another Artist Statement…

  Artist Statement I am an actor, singer, mover, writer, creator, director, educator, student, partner, and mother. In my practice I strive to listen closely to how all these labels or categories of being can inform and lead me to truthful expression. The heart of my curiosity lies in how the sounds we make revealContinue reading “Please don’t make me write another Artist Statement…”