Voice Workshop- Imago Theatre

I am looking forward to facilitating this voice workshop for Imago Theatre’s Atelier series; Professional Development Workshops for Theatre Artists on June 2 2019. Other offerings include one-day workshops in Voice, Adaptation, Auditioning, Movement, Creation as well as a three-day Directing Master Class in Directing with their Artistic Director, Micheline Chevrier.

Imago Theatre is described as “a catalyst for conversation, an advocate for equal representation and a hub for stories about unstoppable women.” All proceeds from these workshops are going to support their Artist in Residence initiative, and I am pleased to be supporting such a worthy cause.

My Voice workshop is designed with the intention of supporting the actor or creator’s specific needs when approaching singing. We will explore various means of developing a free and expressive voice. A voice that is capable of flexibly navigating the divide between speech and song through an examination of how each discipline supports the other will be at the heart of the day’s work. Using a broad range of methods, we will explore voice with the aim of meeting each participant where they are in their singing journey as they build confidence and a deeper understanding of their instrument.

Join me!

Crook RSC 2016


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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

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