Please don’t make me write another Artist Statement…



Artist Statement

I am an actor, singer, mover, writer, creator, director, educator, student, partner, and mother. In my practice I strive to listen closely to how all these labels or categories of being can inform and lead me to truthful expression. The heart of my curiosity lies in how the sounds we make reveal our authentic selves stripped of social expectations. I aspire in my work with voice to blur the lines between singing and speaking and challenge myself to find new ways of negotiating the intersections of the two by building a new vocabulary, creating a new economy, and searching for tools that will allow me to redesign and re-imagine the ways in which I mine my physical and emotional resources.

My projects focus on the everyday – the seemingly banal – and how, with a more focused lens and a different view, the extraordinary can emerge. I strive to listen closely, cultivating my attention and ability to be mindful and I wonder in the abundance of symbols and deeply relevant metaphors that are waiting to be revealed. The examination of my “everyday” self is also at work in my pedagogy as I continue my own exploration to know and recognize my habits and self-imposed tensions in order to uncover the truth of expression, I encourage my students through sharing histories and experiences to do the same.

Curiosity, a playful spirit, and the willingness and courage to wander are all traits that I find essential in my artistic practice.



Published by mamalegato

Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

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