Routledge-Voice and Speech Review

My first published article has won the Voice and Speech Review Forum Article of the Year Award. Extremely honoured and so very grateful to the editorial board for the consideration and a huge thank you to  Tanera Marshall. VSR Pedagogy editor for all her help and patience.  

Autoethnography and Voicework

This article has taken it’s sweet time to be published but can finally be seen here in the Voice and Speech Review published by Taylor Francis.    

Vibration; Secrets of the Universe

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”~ Nikolai Tesla Musings on why we need to broaden our vocal landscape; Sound doesn’t just have the capacity to “move” the listener on an emotional level, but it also can illicit a physiological response from the vibrationsContinue reading “Vibration; Secrets of the Universe”

Speak With The Body

“The most elementary fault and that in most urgent need of correction, is the overstraining of the voice because one forgets to speak with the body.” ~ Grotowski, Towards A Poor Theatre Think back and remember a highly emotional (good or bad, happy or sad) event in your life. Now, think about the sounds thatContinue reading “Speak With The Body”