I am excited to be facilitating this 4-day intensive workshop; Théâtre de la voix with la porte rouge Coop.

From la porte rouge;

This workshop, which is mainly focused on acting, allows participants to enrich their vocal expression using singing techniques. During the workshop participants will be asked to choose a song from which they will work. Through a simple interpretation, they will become familiar with singing techniques that allow the deep states of being to inhabit the actor, his voice and thus enrich his vocal expressiveness. This workshop (in French and English) will be led by Shannon Holmes, professor in the Theater Department at Concordia University. Ms. Holmes, who is an actress and a singer (opera training), regularly offers this workshop here and elsewhere (UK and USA).

Her voice/singing her workshops always have a profound impact and it is very common for participants to want to attend more than one. La porte rouge will is happy to be able to offer three voice-singing workshops led by Ms. Holmes during the winter semester 2019 (see calendar below).

PLEASE NOTE: No singing or music skills are required for this workshop.